Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Baseball and looking to register, please note you will need to register for the league in the Community where you live.   To find what League go to How to Find your League as this outlines where to register.

To determine the age of your child for the purpose of divsion placement for the 2020 season, please visit the Little League Age Calculator

CalSouth Little League: FAQ’s
Frequently Asked Questions
NOTE: This information is specific to our league and may change at any time

When does the season start?

  • This is largely dependent on the division and the placement and availability of managers and coaches, not to mention the weather and field conditions.
  • Depending on field conditions, practices could start as early as early April for some divisions.
  • T-Ball, Coach Pitch will start play early May and run through to the end of June.
  • Minors, Majors, Seniors will start play early May and run through to mid to late June.

How often do they play?

  • This is largely dependent on the division, manager and coaches.
  • T-Ball will generally play 2 set days per week.  Rookie Ball will play 3 set days per week.
  • Minors and upward will see 2-3 games scheduled per week plus 1-2 practices scheduled by the managers or coaches.

What days of the week do they play?

  • T-Ball will have the choice of Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs.
  • Rookie Ball will have the choice of Mon/Wed/Sat or Tues/Thurs/Sat.
  • For all other divisions, games and practices can and will be any day of the week, including weekends.

What times do they play?

  • T-Ball practices/games generally start around 6:00 pm and finish by 7:00 pm.
  • Rookie Bal, Minor and Majors division games generally start at 6:30 pm and will have no new innings starts after 8:00 pm (8:15 pm after May long weekend).
  • Senior games do not have time limits, but do have limits based on darkness, etc.
  • Most coaches ask that players are at the field at least 30 minutes before game time to properly warm up.

Where are the Diamonds located?

What equipment must be provided by the parents/guardians?

I can’t afford the fees – what should I do?

  • Under the Little League charter, no child may be excluded from play based on inability to pay. Subsidies are available through Kidsport – please visit to print an application. Our league will also help if Kidsport is not an option, please contact

Unfortunately, I need to withdraw my child – can I get a refund?

  • Any player who withdraws prior to February 17, 2021 will be refunded their registration fees less a $25 administration fee
  • No refund will be given after March 1, 2021, with the exception of producing a doctor’s note explaining injury or health concerns.  In the event of withdrawal with a doctor’s note, the registrant will be refunded their registration fees less a $25 administration fee
  • After the first regular scheduled game, no refund will be given regardless of injury or doctor’s note.

How many players on a team?

  • T-Ball will typically have between 12-14 players.
  • For all other divisions the ideal team consists of 11-12 players per team, however there may be up to 14 players on a team.

I registered in February and I haven’t heard anything yet – what’s happening?

  • Once the registration information is collected and entered in the database, reports for each division are prepared for the various division coordinators.
  • Player evaluations then take place in March for Minors and upward.
  • The number of teams is then determined and managers and/or coaches are assigned to each team, then players are assigned or drafted to the teams.
  • There is a coaches meeting (to review rules, events, etc) with the division coordinator.
  • The managers and coaches for each team receive the team roster and are then in a position to start contacting parents.
  • Often, the managers and coaches will organize a parent meeting before the season starts. Practices can then commence.
  • If you have any questions about this process, please contact the applicable division coordinator.

What are evaluations?

  • Evaluation sessions provide the opportunity for division coordinators and managers and coaches to assess the ability of players. This process assists the league in placing players appropriate to their skill level. There are a number of stations (pitching, fielding, hitting) through which the players rotate; they are observed and assessed according to specific criteria.
  • Evaluations are scheduled for March 7th and 8th,  2020 at the Okotoks Dawgs Fieldhouse.
  • Players are required to evaluate during the appropriate time slot for their age group for one of the dates.  If you are unable to attend either of the dates, please contact Todd Dewey @ player/coach development coordinator.

I have heard there are drafts for some divisions – how do they work?

  • For the Minor division and upward, each division has a draft where assigned team managers are given evaluation information and can select their teams based on their criteria. Drafts are operated by rules set forth by our league.
  • For Blastball, T-Ball and Coach Pitch, the division coordinator assigns players to each team. There are no evaluations for T-Ball and Rookie Ball teams, which means the teams are randomly formed.

What is the All-Star season and how does it work?

  • Little League tournament play (All-Stars) is a program of excellence for skilled and interested players in our league aged 9 and upwards. Our teams compete against other teams within District 8 and the Prairies during the months of July and August.
  •  For players selected to the Major or Junior All-Star teams, there is the potential of playing in a Canadian Championship and also the Little League or Junior League World Series in the USA.
  • Players should be available and committed to play throughout the month of July and part or all of August depending on their tournament division. There may be travel involved to tournaments in such places as Airdrie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Saskatchewan, and as mentioned other Canadian and U.S. locations.
  • All players MUST have a valid, original birth certificate to participate (this is the only allowable proof of age) and parents must also supply three approved items for proof of residence when requested. A valid passport is required to travel to the U.S. Our league recommends all players league age 11 and older have a valid passport that does not expire before September of any given season due to the possibility they may have the opportunity to travel to the Little League or Junior League World Series.

How does my child apply to participate on an All-Star team?

  • Additional information regarding All-Stars and our selection process will be provided as we get closer to the beginning of the house league season.

I have concerns with my child’s team manager and/or coaches – what should I do?

  • Please discuss your concerns with the team manager or coaches away from the field of play. If you feel your concerns have not been addressed, then please contact the division coordinator.