T-Ball - Ages 4 to 6

For the 2022 season, kids born on or after Sept. 1st, 2015, and on or before Aug. 31st, 2018, are eligible.

In T-Ball young kids are introduced to baseball. The youngsters learn, develop and practice fundamental baseball skills at an early age and receive maximum enjoyment from the experience. Emphasis is placed on participation and enjoying their first baseball experience. T-ball games are typically on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

Player's who are 6 who have not played baseball before must register for T-ball

Registration Fee: $175.00

The registration fee includes a t-shirt, ball cap, team and individual picture, and an award at the end of the season.

For the upcoming season, T-Ball games will be held at the 3 grass diamonds adjacent to Mid-Sun Community Centre in Midnapore.