Rookie Ball (formerly "Coach Pitch") - Ages 6 to 8

For the 2021 season, kids born on or after Sept. 1st 2012 and on or before Aug. 31st 2015

In Rookie Ball the players will continue to develop their skills and learn the rules of baseball. Emphasis is placed upon hitting, base running, fielding/throwing and teamwork. Both offensive and defensive fundamentals are stressed.  Rookie games and practices are typically on a Monday/Wednesday/Saturday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule.

Registration Fee: $250.00

The registration fee includes a ball cap, team and individual picture, an award at the end of the season. All players receive a team jersey and belt that must be returned to the league at the end of the season.  Players supply their own grey pants.


Player Evaluations

All players over age of 7 must go through an evaluation process to ensure that players are placed in the appropriate division based on age, ability, skill level and safety considerations.  Attendance at evaluation sessions is MANDATORY and non attendance may result in the player being de-registered from the league.

Some 8 year olds may be permitted to try out for the Minor Division and would be required to also attend the 9-10 year olds evaluation session. In these cases the following criteria will apply: 1) must have played the previous year in the Rookie Ball Division, 2) must be one of the top players in his/her age group, 3) there must be available spots in the Minor Division, 4) must be recommended to play up and invited to try out for the higher division.

6 Year Old Tryouts for the Rookie Ball Division

A 6 year old player (age as of August 31 in year of current season) is eligible to tryout to play in the Rookie Ball Division if he/she has played at least one year of T-Ball and has a requisite level of basic skills with respect to throwing, catching and hitting. The player will be required to attend an evaluation session for an assessment of his/her baseball skills and abilities, and must be rated in the top 40% of all Rookie Ball players evaluated before permission in the Rookie Ball Division is granted by the league.

The Rookie Ball Division  is intended primarily for 7 and 8 year old players where a mechanical pitching machine is used, with balls being hit and thrown significantly harder than in the T-Ball Division. The level of competition and intensity on the field is much higher and a commitment to attend more team practices is also required. We recommend that parents don't consider having a 6 year old tryout for Rookie Ball Division unless they are comfortable with their child having to catch and field balls thrown and hit by older and stronger players. Parents should be reasonably certain that their 6 year old child is indeed ready, physically, mentally and emotionally before choosing to tryout for the Rookie Ball Division. We would prefer that your child be slightly bored rather than risk injury.

All 6 year old players trying out for the Rookie Ball Division must still register for T-Ball Division, if you are interested in having your 6 year old player attend a tryout session for the Rookie Ball Division, please contact please contact Player Development

Rookie Ball Division Tiers

The Rookie Ball Division may be tiered into National and American teams in order to create a better and more balanced competition among the players within the division. This decision will be based on a number of factors and will be made prior to the start of each season. The player evaluation process will be used to assign players if a tiered structure is implemented in any given season.


** Evaluation Registrations will be posted typically early in March of each season and is a requirement for all ages listed above


For the upcoming season, Rookie ball games will be be held at the 3 diamonds behind St. Teresa of Calcutta School in Midnapore.