Minors Division - Ages 9-10

For the 2021 season, kids born on or after Sept. 1 2010 and on or before Aug. 31 2012 are eligible.

Players are evaluated for the first time in Minors, for the purpose of drafting them onto teams by their coaches. In Minors, pitching to and by the players is introduced to become part of the game. As many players, as possible will be encouraged to pitch. Umpires in this division will allow a fairly liberal strike zone to encourage hitting. The object of the game is to get the ball hit into play as often as possible. Players are encouraged to play all positions throughout the season. This is the first age group where an All-Star structure team can continue with Tournament play after the season ends, if enough players are willing to participate. Typically, Minors have 2 games and 1-2 practices per week. Games and practices can be any day of the week.

Registration Fee: $325.00

The registration fee includes a ball cap, team and individual picture, and an award at the end of the season. All players receive a team jersey and belt that must be returned to the league at the end of the season. Players supply their own grey pants.

For the upcoming season, Minors games will be held at the 2 diamonds at MidPark on SunValley Blvd across from Centennial High School and Fish Creek School in Sundance.