Volunteer Bond Program

CalSouth Little League Volunteer Bond Program

To Encourage all Members to become actively involved in the success of CalSouth Little League


CalSouth Little League is proud to be run 100% by volunteers!  It takes a lot of hours of time and commitment to run a successful little league.  CalSouth Little League is committed to providing a quality baseball experience for all participants.

Volunteer Hours Required

A minimum of 5 hours of Association Approved volunteer work is required to fulfill each family’s Volunteer Bond obligations per season.  There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.

Value of Bond

$200.00 per family

We understand that other commitments may make fulfilling volunteer time a challenge for some families.  To accommodate this situation you may choose the Volunteer opt-out option during registration, and pay the $200 as  part of registration fees.

Click HERE for a listing of Volunteer Positions.